Thursday, June 5, 2008

We are going to Andalucia

Oh Andalucia, you seduced me with your powdery beaches.
I've seen photos of a secluded villa with rustic old furniture and an overgrown garden and I,
(as a former plane-phobic) am now longing to board that short haul journey to Malaga, so we can take in the views from our small balcony in Frigiliana and walk the Balcon de Europa at sunset with a chilled glass of something smooth...
update- readers, we went. It was beautiful. We intend to return.

How did it get to June ?

I don't know, but it did.
Time creeps up slowly. One minute I'm scrawling in spidery lead, the next I'm noticing how prominent the veins are on my hands as I tap away in the study on my 21st century computer.
It's science fiction, but look closer and see that it's actual fact.
How in the hell did that happen ?
The fastest years in my life occured after my daughters were born. They came and they went and now just look ... Charlotte is eight and Rebecca is five and I wonder, with a faint sense of pride mingled with melancholic nostalgia, how I managed to emerge ( not entirely ) unscathed from those years ?
How did I do that?
Where the hell did all that time go ?