Monday, January 18, 2010

The Power Of Music

I've just skimmed nervously through my unashamedly gushy post below about my favourite singer in the whole of musikdom and I have to ask the question... am I too old, at 36, to wax lyrical(ok, hysterical)about a pop star?
Perhaps I ought to have waited a fortnight or two, and reflected sensibly, before typing out a carefully worded reaction/review which makes me appear less of an obsessed fangirl? But that's the problem with music, especially music which taps into our psyche in a certain way... it is what it is and when we start trying to explain the mysterious and wonderful way music winds itself around our consciousness,we fail spectacularly.

I've always loved music, and if I hear certain tunes from the past, am instantly transported to another decade, which has long passed. Every time I hear Frank Sinatra, my Father's voice and face are there in front of me, despite him being dead for twenty five years. When I hear Boy George, I'm instantly right there in my bedroom at Wenlock Close with my friend Sinead and a vinyl record playing over and over ad infinitum. When I hear ELO, or Prince, or early Madonna, I think of Gavin. And when I hear Electric Six, I think of my youngest daughters birth, which was over before I could say 'epidural'in a 5 minute drama at Basildon Hospital! Music takes me back to my eldest daughters birth, when Prince was singing 'The Most Beautiful Girl In The World' on the radio and it was so perfect, so's corny, but if you remember every special memory, I bet there is music playing somewhere in the background, a 'theme tune' for every milestone and every amazing day.

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