Monday, April 12, 2010

The Emerald City, as fast as lightning

It's Easter and I have a few days off work to entertain/referee the girls and save a few quid in childcare costs. I only fund childcare costs for two girls and it baffles me how other people 'afford' to work when their children are tiny or the total sum of offspring equals two or more..
It was my thirty seventh birthday yesterday. It was the perfect weekend with constant sunshine and the kind of good vibrations the Beach Boys used to sing about.. the sort of weekend where it seems the planets have aligned in some magical way to create a steady flow of positive karma. And I don't usually subscribe to the Hippy Dippy Channel, so that sentence was almost painful to write.
I went to a great Italian place with friends and watched an alleged 'rom-com' with Sandra Bullock (who is aging properly but beautifully, unlike her contemporaries- an oddly satisfying thing)and Ryan Reynolds who is a tad wooden and depressingly aware of his chiseled good looks.
We took the chihuahua for a lazy walk on the common and had some pasta (with the best fresh green pesto) later whilst watching The Wizard Of Oz on Blu Ray and marvelling (no pun intended) at the perfect clarity of the seventy year old movie, whose cast members have all since departed for the Emerald City in the sky...
Dorothy Gale from Kansas.
Still a dazzling heroine for little girls,all these years later.

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